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Conor McGregor Finishes His Career.

Conor McGregor
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Former UFC champion, Irishman Conor McGregor has announced that he is ending his career. However, not everyone believes that it is real.

It Was an Amazing Trip

31-year-old McGregor announced his decision on Twitter. “Hi, everyone! I have decided to leave the martial arts. Thanks for the magical memories, it was an amazing trip,” he wrote.

By the way, this is not his first attempt to end his career. He first announced it in 2016, preparing for a second fight against Nate Diaz. However, then the head of the UFC, Dana White, talked with McGregor, and, thus, changed his mind. Moreover, he managed to regain the championship belt in the next fight.

After that, McGregor had completed his career one more time before returning. In his last fight, in the first round, he crushed Donald Cerrone. More recently, White promised McGregor a fight against the winner of the duel between Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is a lightweight champion, and interim champion Justin Gaethje.

He Does not Need to Fight

On account of the Irishman 26 fights in the MMA, in which he won 22 times, 19 by knockouts. He became the first fighter in UFC history who managed to win champion titles in two weight categories at once.

The head of the UFC has already commented on McGregor’s decision.

“This has happened before with us. He doesn’t need to fight if he wants to relax and leave,” White said.

Will Conor Come Back?

Of course, he will be back! At least, both bookmakers and fans are sure of this. As we mentioned above, this is the third time McGregor said he was leaving. But every time he came back because he makes a lot of money by fighting.

He achieved everything as an athlete, was the champion in two weights. What else can he do in this sport? Beat Habib? It is unlikely. Moreover, there is a risk of losing it a second time and ruining the general impression. Nevertheless, it is possible that the phrase “Conor McGregor finishes his career” does not sound the last time.

What do you think? Will Conor come back or not? Write in the comments your prediction.

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