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Ronaldo Is on the Verge of Missing the Game against Messi in the Champions League.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has had a very busy life in recent days. Two weeks ago, he left the Juventus location without permission to play for the national team. He should have stayed in a hotel in Turin, though. Then Ronaldo played in two matches, with France and Spain; both ended in a draw. As a result, the player contracted the coronavirus himself. Now he is on the verge of missing the game against Messi in the Champions League.

Ronaldo Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

The test results became known on October 13 and immediately triggered a strong reaction. Everyone wrote about it, from Giorgio Chiellini to the President of Portugal. The Portugal national team tweeted a photo of a football player in isolation. However, he didn’t stay there for long. On October 14, Ronaldo returned to Turin and isolated himself in his own home.

Why did Ronaldo –°hange his Place of Isolation?

 In fact, that is all because of the match with Barcelona.

On October 28 Juventus will host Barcelona in the Champions League. Messi’s duel with Ronaldo is a huge event, even if we don’t take into account the tournament value of the game. Thus, Ronaldo has a chance to take part in the match.

Actually, in Italy, the isolation period for asymptomatic infected people is less than in Portugal: 10 days instead of 14. That is, observing quarantine where he was infected, Cristiano would not have time to take part in the match. In Italy, the quarantine would end earlier.

What Are The Chances of His Participating?

The optimistic forecast now looks like this: Ronaldo passes a negative test and receives permission to play. In this case, he will be able to come out even before the Champions League. That is on October 25 in the match against Verona (quarantine will end on the 24th). Pessimistic prognosis: A positive test can ruin the whole plan. Actually, Ronaldo is still on the verge of missing the game against Messi in the Champions League.

What is your prediction about it? Will Ronaldo take part in future games?

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