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Who are you from among the famous MMA fighters?

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    Do you like playing sports?

    • a) Yes, I play sports regularly;
    • b) Yes, but I don’t want to do it all the time;
    • c) Yes, I would like to become a professional athlete;
    • d)No, I like to spend my time in the another way.
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    Do you think that God helps you to succeed?

    • a)Partially, but practicing is more important;
    • b)Yes, I let destiny help me in my plans;
    • c)No, success – it’s only your hard work;
    • d) I don’t care, the main thing is to meet the goal.
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    Where would you live?

    • a)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil;
    • b)San Jose, California;
    • c)Dublin, Ireland;
    • d)Moscow, Russia.
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    What are your main characteristics?

    • a)Calm, harmonious;
    • b)Confident, firm;
    • c)Cheerful, self-confident;
    • d)Kind, caring.
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    What would you do in your free time?

    • a)I would watch a football match;
    • b)I would sleep or hang out with my family;
    • c)I would go shopping or get a new tattoo;
    • d)I would draw or read a book.
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    What would you do if you had some difficulties in your professional athletic career?

    • a)I would continue to work hard;
    • b)I would succeed using my liaisons;
    • c)I would work as a plumber;
    • d)I would work as a security guard in the shop.
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    Who is your favorite MMA fighter?

    • a)None of the mentioned;
    • b)Fedor Emelianenko;
    • c)I like football more;
    • d)Randy Couture.


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