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Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan’s Success – and Why He Doesn’t Have to?

Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan's Success
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Michael Jordan is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of basketball. His legendary career has transformed the game into the phenomenon it is today, contaminating the whole world with the excitement and the awe-inspiring mastery.

Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan's Success
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Jordan wasn’t just successful. The thing that made him into a cultural icon was his brand: the way he played and the way he was. Perfectly timed, the market was craving someone like Jordan to capitalize on the growing need for someone to adore.

Will LeBron Become the Next Jordan?

Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan's Success
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Among the most fascinating basketball players playing today is LeBron James, who definitely follows Jordan’s footsteps in terms of elevating the game to the next level. He admits that Michael Jordan was his inspiration, and is the reason he wears the number 23 on his back. 

But LeBron can never become Jordan. At the time, the sport needed a combination of personality and talent in the form of Jordan, Larry Bird, and others. Not only did they change basketball, but they changed the world.

With LeBron, the situation is different. The world is different. In the current landscape, the challenges are different, and LeBron is among the ones on the frontline of a new exploration. He can’t be the next Jordan, but he can make an impact as LeBron James.

LeBron vs Jordan

Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan's Success

In terms of statistics, LeBron has already surpassed Jordan – and most other players, too. He’s got more career regular-season points, more rebounds, assists, and blocks. He even had more appearances overall. When he ends his career, LeBron will be the best basketball player in history – at least on paper. But recently in the ESPN rankings Jordan is ahead of LeBron. 

The legendary Jordan surpasses LeBron is just one metric: the NBA finals stats. Jordan has created an image of flawless perfection, as he won each of the six finals he’s been a part of. LeBron, on the other hand, boasts a 3-6 statistic. It might seem much worse, but let’s dig deeper.

Where LeBron Might Surpass Jordan

Why LeBron Will Never Surpass Jordan's Success
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While Michael Jordan won all of his NBA finals with the Lakers, LeBron has brought two different teams to outstanding heights, Cleveland and Miami. Jordan was coached by Phil Jackson, who won a total of 11 NBA trophies. LeBron was coached by people who didn’t reach any success without him.

We can’t say that Jordan wouldn’t have led a different team to the championship when under a different coach, but we’re just stating the fact that the circumstances of Jordan’s career were much, much more favorable than LeBron’s.

Now, there are a few people who have led two franchises to win the NBA finals, so that’s still not an outstanding example of prowess. If LeBron won the finals with a third team, he’d become a new legend. Nobody has done that before, and that’s exactly what pushing the boundaries means.


Both Jordan and LeBron are exceptional players, each contributing to basketball as a sport in a way that nobody else would. While Michael Jordan has concluded his run, LeBron James still the potential to change the idea of what a great player is.

What do you think? Who is better LeBron or Jordan? Write your opinion in the comments.

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