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A mix of Wade, LeBron, and Kobe. Who received the highest praise from O’Neal.

highest praise from O'Neal
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Legendary center, Shaquille O’Neal has called former Orlando player Anfernee Hardaway a mix of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant.

“Anfernee is a mix of all the teammates I played with on the same team. On some occasions, he was Dwayne because he was able to take over the game. Sometimes I had to say,” Anfernee, it’s your turn.” He was giving out a pass like James. He also had a killer instinct like Mamba “.

highest praise from O'Neal
Photo’s Source

“If it weren’t for the injuries, I think everyone would have heard his name much more often because Anfernee was the coolest young player I have seen since Dwyane, James, and Bryant, “ O’Neal said.

In turn, former Magic star Anfernee believes that he would have been the NBA champion if Shaq O’Neal had stayed with the Magic instead of signing with Los Angeles in 1996.

“Of course, if I hadn’t been injured, the end of my NBA story would have been different.

It’s easy to speculate in hindsight, but I  think that if Shaquille stayed, then I would do better and get more recognition because we would become champions.

Shaq and I starred in the film together and I talked a bit with him about it. I have always appreciated Shaquille and told him that if it had not been for him, my career would not have turned out the way it did. He knows this and told me the same thing, “admitted Hardaway.

Our editorial also believes that Grant Hill and Anfernee Hardaway would be role models for modern players if serious injuries had not prevented their careers in due time.

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