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    Valuable players of the Heat/Lakers.

    The 2020 NBA playoffs have been great so far. The last year champs the Toronto Raptors were outplayed by the Boston Celtics. The Philadelphia 76yers failed to progress beyond the first round. The Conference finals were won by the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. Those two are in the middle on their rival […] More

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    Things to improve in the NHL.

    The fact that we love hockey doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. There are a bunch of recommendations and guidelines from hockey fans, created for a purpose of getting rid of annoying things and adding new things to this fascinating sport. Globalization This is one of the first things in fans’ demands regarding hockey […] More

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    Secrets of Success of the Shortest Player in NBA History.

    Once upon a time, «Muggsy» Bogues pissed off Michael Jordan himself. Moreover, his height did not stop him from achieving great success. Let’s talk about the secrets of the success of the shortest player in NBA history. Noticeable Midget Muggsy Bogues’s height did not prevent him from leaving a significant mark in the history of […] More

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    Loudest 2020 NHL signings.

    The original schedule of the NHL free-agent market opening has changed due to the pandemic. Even so, several notable signings have already taken place over the week since the market opened. The loudest of them are presented below. Alex Pietrangelo has signed a long-term deal A 30-year old defender is one of the biggest stars […] More

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    Lindor says Cleveland can afford to keep him.

    As we know, Francisco Lindor will soon become a free agent (after the 2021 season), there are lots of rumors about it. Cleveland has experienced several losses recently, for example, they were defeated by the New York Yankees. It was a tough year for Francisco Lindor as well, as his results were rather disappointing. To […] More

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    He Used to Be Addicted to Alcohol, but Now He has Received a Contract for $ 25 Million. Lehner’s Life History.

    In Vegas, they believed in the Swede. It turns out that the team’s star, Robin Lehner, was addicted to alcohol, but now he has received a contract for $ 25 million. Important Award At the end of June 2019, a significant event took place in Las Vegas. At that time, the New York Islanders’ goalkeeper […] More

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    Football in the Lives of the Country’s Presidents.

    The tradition of hosting a gala reception at the White House for Super Bowl winners dates back to the 1980s. Such public events became traditional a little later, during the time of the 40th US President Ronald Reagan. In general, football plays an important role in the lives of the country’s presidents. Donald Trump It […] More

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    Brees and Rodgers Are Going to Become Hall of Famers. Why Do They Have Only One Ring Each?

    Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers don’t need to worry about their future. In 2009 and 2010, they consistently became the most valuable players in the Super Bowl. After that, they both had a statistically flawless season in 2011. Obviously, Brees and Rodgers are going to become Hall of Famers. Are They Going Back to the […] More

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    LeBron Outranks Jordan. How Did It Happen?

    Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James became the NBA champion for the fourth time. Let’s see why LeBron outranks Jordan? So, Who Is Better? The new title raises James’ status to a new level – 6 out of 6 awards. LeBron is ahead of Michael in all the statistical data during his career. Besides, LeBron’s […] More

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    Who Will Be the New Head Coach for the Texans?

    The Texans dismissed Bill O’Brien from his post as the head coach and began looking for a new specialist for this position. The team will be led by Romeo Crennel for now. However, in the offseason, he is likely to be replaced by a more experienced candidate. Who will be the new head coach for […] More

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