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Will the Fight Between Ferguson and Khabib Take Place on the Sixth Try?

Ferguson and Khabib
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Dana White revealed that the most awaited fight could still take place. However, there are several conditions. Fans are already languishing in conjecture whether the fight between Ferguson and Khabib will take place on the sixth try.

Bread and Circuses

After the third fight attempt between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson failed, the president of the UFC drops a phrase to journalists that he would never again deal with such a disastrous business.

The last attempt, as it seemed then, was already in 2020. But it was unsuccessful due to the pandemic. Actually, after Tony’s defeat to Justin Gaethje, only the most optimistic fans could dream of this fight, and, as it turned out, you always have to believe, especially when it depends on such a grasping and stubborn person like Dana White. And what’s more important when it comes to money. And not just money, but really big money.

Everyone Is Waiting for Spring

The president made a statement about the Khabib -Tony fight much earlier than the logical date. Now there is only one question: Will Ferguson himself have time to fight in 2021, or will he deliberately prepare for the battle of the century now?

By the way, the predicted date of the 30th Khabib s battle is late March-early April. We want to believe that Dana will still be able to organize a fight with Tony and Khabib. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to make it work. But even if the dream of millions of MMA fans fails to come true in the spring of 2021, the stubborn White will still look for ways to organize this confrontation. Let’s believe that the fight between Ferguson and Khabib will take place on the sixth attempt.

Will the Fight Between Ferguson and Khabib occur?
Who will be the winner?

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