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Why Don’t the UFC Stars Want to Fight Chimaev?

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Swedish-Chechen fighter Khamzat Chimaev is one of the main stars of the UFC right now. The athlete won three crushing victories in 66 days. Moreover, such legends as Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones admire him. However, there is a problem: Why don’t the UFC stars want to fight Chimaev?

Fighters Avoid Him

The UFC has already announced the next fight. However, the name of the fighter’s rival is still unknown. Actually, Demian Maia was supposed to fight the Swede, but the experienced veteran refused to fight. So far, only those sportsmen who had nothing to lose fought Khamzat. Now he is actively challenged by middle-level fighters, but the UFC stars prefer to remain silent, for which there are several reasons.

Is Chimaev so Good?

Nobody knows what to expect from Chimaev exactly. He showed excellent striking technique and is good at wrestling at the same time. The fighter acts with crazy pressure and is maximally motivated. But what are his weak points? Chimaev has no defeats in his professional career. UFC stars carefully build tactics for the fight, but Khamzat remains a wild card for them.

No Benefit at All?

From a PR point of view, Chimaev also does not arouse interest among top fighters. Athletes like Eduard Vartanyan and Neil Magny want to meet with Khamzat to raise their status. However, for Israel Adesanya or Conor McGregor, a meeting with Khamzat carries mostly risks. In just over two months, the Chechen fighter has earned a status that others have been pursuing for years.

Nobody wants to become the next step for Chimaev. Of course, the UFC will find a top rival, if they have not already. However, the fact is that the UFC stars do not want to fight Chimaev.

Do you like Chimaev?

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