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    Anubis Gaming secures $300k in the latest seed funding round.

    Anubis Gaming is known as one of the most popular Egyptian Esport organizations. So, the company and its work are appreciated, as they’ve got  $300k in the latest seed funding round. To get a better understanding of this company’s peculiarities and its experience, just keep reading. Anubis Gaming experience Since 2015, this organization has been […] More

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    Counter-Strike fans are unhappy due to the new ranking system.

    Counter-Strike fans are not happy because of the new CSPPA player rankings, but the gamers are applauding these changes. The reason for such a decision is attention to players’ health, as many professional players have quit their careers because of burnout. So, it made the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association think about how to change conditions […] More

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    Overwatch 2020 playoffs and grand final.

    This fall 20 team overall will be fighting for the title of the Overwatch League (OWL) championship. The best two of them will play in the Grand Final, but only one team will walk out there as the 2020 OWL champions. Schedule Play-ins in the single-elimination format took place during Week 1 and were concluded […] More

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    The most tempting TI finals of all time.

    Dota 2 community has been frustrated because of the International 2020 in Stockholm was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this occasion, we’ve prepared the highlights of the most breathtaking TI finals of all time. The true Dota 2 fans will feel nostalgic and rookies to the game will find out why we all […] More

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    Dream Hack Open Summer 2020 Results.

    The tournament in CS: GO by DreamHack with a prize pool equal to $300,000 in 4 regions, among which were Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania, has just ended.  Due to the pandemic, we were obliged to watch it online but it doesn’t mean that it wasn`t interesting. FURIA wins AS for North America and […] More

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    Bloomberg: Tencent plans to combine streaming platforms Huya and DouYu.

    Chinese investment holding Tencent is in talks with Huya and DouYu to unify platforms. Bloomberg reported this on August 5th. According to journalists, Tencent has been discussing the terms of a possible deal with the parties for several months. The publication notes that the holding owns 37% of Huya and 38% of DouYu. The conglomerate […] More

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    The second wind of StarCraft 2.

    We’re now witnessing the rebirth of the best real-time strategy, especially when it comes to its cybersport future. WCS is already past, but thanks to ESL and Dream Hack, the tournaments are going to reach the next level. Today we will speak about StarCraft 2. Goodbye WCS World Championship Series has been conducted since 2012. […] More