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The most highly paid professions in e-sports.

paid professions in e-sports
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As e-sports evolve these days, many of you might be wondering, isn’t it really no longer a child’s game. It isn’t. The gaming industry is in its prime and now it’s a perfect time to look to expanding your professional path in it.

Game Designer

It’s probably the most important occupation in e-sports. A game designer is in charge of creating the world the game will be living in, creating its mechanics and ways of interaction between the player and the game. It is as much interesting as complicated. It obviously requires some expertise to match the requirements of the firm that hires game designers, but if you are in, expect the average salary fluctuating from $65K in Europe to $80K and more in the US.

Team manager

That is the most down-to-earth occupation in e-sports. A manager is in charge of creating the best conditions for his team. It includes renting a space for a boot camp, the betterment of players` living environment, in some cases buying travel tickets, and dealing with visa issues. If you have strong organizational and communication skills, think of a job like this. The manager in the mast-lead firm may earn up to $60K/annually

Cyber sportsman

Who would expect that being able to play games professionally has always been and remains the most desirable part in what concerns gaming. The thing is that the competition level is extremely high and chances to get to a more or less known team tend to be zero. Despite this, new e-sports keep appearing every year and if you are skilled enough, think of playing open qualifications on Faceit, for instance. If you are lucky enough, the big players will notice you and take you on their team. A salary for the cyber sportsman fluctuates from a few hundred bucks on the entry-level/monthly to thousand or even tens of thousands depending on the scale of the team.

Commentator + streamer

These two positions go smoothly if combined. The niche of streaming has been occupied for a long time now, but it doesnt mean you cant give it a try. Make sure you are interesting for people to listen to and you are playing what people like. Creative attitude and flexibility are what can grant you a place on the ship. Streamers earn their money mainly through advertising and receiving donations from the audience. In some cases, steamers might even beat the professions listed above in terms of earning but note that it`s still a job and you must be ready to give 100% of your time to it without the complete certainty that it can grow to something bigger.


Going down from the most secure occupations from the least has shown us that e-sports are still evolving and need young and not only specialists to dedicate their lives to it. The only issue is the competition. If you think of stability, note that e-sports is the niche that has suffered the least from the pandemic if compared to other sports.

What profession in e-sport would you choose?

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