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Transfer Kjaerbye – a step back for FaZe.

Transfer Kjaerbye
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After experimenting with young Faze Clan, they returned to their original model – collecting stars. The signing of Kjaerbye fits well with this strategy – even though he hasn’t played in the top roster for the last couple of years, he is still one of the main stars in Denmark. And while Kjaerbye himself still has something to give the team, his transition is an obvious step back for FaZe.

And it’s not about him. Kjaerbye, while not in peak shape, may well increase the team’s firepower. After the news of his arrival, several cuts with his frags appeared on the network, which, of course, confirms his skill. But this transfer has several negative points for the team.

Faze can fly past the major

The Dane’s move means another loss of RMR points for FaZe. Before the transfer, the team, even taking into account the failed performance at the Summit, had 2014 points and a solid 7th place. It made it possible to fight even for the top-3 and the passage immediately to the second stage of the Major.

With the arrival of Kjaerbye, the team lost 20% of their points – now they have only 1611.2. From 7th place, FaZe fell to 11th, and in case of failure in the third European qualifying tournament, FaZe has every chance of not even getting into the first stage of the Major. Given the high competition in the region, one direct competitor for a seat, and not the best performance in June, the risk is quite high.

FaZe takes the shooter again, though they need a captain

Once again, FaZe chooses the star arrow. This stable change of shooters does not lead to anything good – 5 players have left the team over the past year and a half. The arrival of Kjaerbye is just another hint that there is no need to wait for Olofmeister in the squad – the Swede will play for another team after his return.

The team often changes course – the squad suffers from this

Over the past year and a half, FaZe Clan has been surprising everyone, from fans to those who just follow CS. The team has very strong fluctuations in the choice of players, which are difficult to understand.

Of course, FaZe Clan will still have a chance to prove that inviting Kjaerbye is a successful solution to their problems, but now this is just another attempt to plug the hole with anything.

Is transfer Kjaerbye – a step back for Faze? What do you think?

What do you think?


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