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FaZe Assembles a Valorant Team – the First Two Names Are Already Known.

Valorant Team
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FaZe Clan has started putting a Valorant team together. The names of two newcomers are Jason ‘jasonR’ Rushelsky and Corey ‘Corey’ Nigra. The news was announced by American multi-gaming on social networks. Now FaZe assembles a Valorant team, which has all chances to succeed.

Rookie’s luck!

JasonR is a former professional CS: GO, player. In 2013-2017 he played for North American teams, including Splyce and OpTic Gaming. Rushelsky decided to quit it to focus on streaming.

Corey is an ex-player in Overwatch. At various times, he represented Evil Geniuses, Gladiators Legion and Washington Justice, and in 2019 became the world champion on the US national team.

Earlier, the second member of the Valorant team named Cloud9. It is a CS: GO former professional player Skyler “Relyks” Weaver.

Where Are FaZe on Financials?

FaZe Clan has received a loan from the United States Government.

The loan was approved by the Paycheck Protection Program, a business support program for the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. A government report revealed that FaZe received a loan of one to two million dollars. Besides, eight more American eSports organizations took out loans of at least $ 150,000.

According to the rules of the PPP program, companies can borrow 2.5 times more money than the monthly salary. A loan is non-refundable if, during a pandemic, the organization continues to pay salaries to employees (at least 75% of the sum before the pandemic begins). At least 60 percent of the loan should go to workers’ salaries; the rest of the money can be spent on payments for real estate, utilities, and payments on old loans.

Let’s see what success the team will achieve given their current financial situation and the fact that FaZe assembles a new Valorant team.

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