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E-sports in the USA Catches up to the Popularity of Hockey and Baseball.

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E-sports have long ceased to be a niche activity. Moreover – it is beginning to challenge the tournaments in traditional sports. In the USA, it is catching up in popularity with hockey and baseball.

Profitable Business

Research firm Newzoo claims that men aged 21-35 (the so-called “Generation Y” or “Millennials”) watch game matches as often as hockey or baseball.

22% of these men are avid fans who do not miss a single major competition. Such indicators are crucial for advertisers whose products and services are targeted at young people. Newzoo has also accurately predicted that by 2019, total revenue from E-Sports and related industries would be $ 1.1. bln. Such growth attracts many investors and even figures of classic sports. (Though, not always successful), including owners of the teams.

E-sports and the Youth are on the Same Page

Many “millennials” have grown up, watching, and playing video games, which makes them more interested in E-sports than representatives of Generation Z. The number of fans of E-sports will grow as children and adolescents, that play games, move into the category of adult solvent audience.

According to the research, 56% of football fans are over 35, while 73% of e-sports fans are a bit younger than this. In addition to the reasons already mentioned, Newzoo focuses on the high coefficient of coincidence of e-sports with the habits of Generation Y, which watch videos and streams on such streaming platforms as YouTube and Twitch, which is much more than regular television.

And some more impressive statistics: out of the 79 million Americans who are basketball fans, 9.7  watch video games. That is almost half of all the fans of US E-Sports, of which there are about 20 million. That is why E-sports in the USA is catching up in popularity with hockey and baseball.

Are you a fan of E-sport? Do you watch video games as often as traditional sports matches?

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