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    Who are you from among the famous baseball players?

    Everybody wants to be as awesome as their idols – have the same qualities, do the same things, be well-known at the same level all around the world. However, we think that it is impossible to feel something like that – we can just imagine it. But is It true? Let’s check who you are […]

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    Hockey quiz

    Calling all ice hockey fans! We have some quizzes that will give you the chills. Are you ready to face-off with our questions on the NHL? So come on and make the great NHL players proud!  

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    How MMA are you an expert?

    You have not missed any fight? Well, well, let’s check it out. We suggest you recall a little bit about the MMA and its history, answering some interesting questions below. And find out how MMA are you an expert.

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    Are you an American football star?

    It’s a well-known fact that you are the biggest fan of American football – you are really keen on it! You know every team, every player, you remember all the matches and all the best moments… But what if not? You – the king of the football fans – can fail? Or you will prove […]

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    Who are you from the famous hockey players?

    Hockey is not as popular a sport, but that does not make it not an important and hard sport. Hockey players have to go through hell to become a professional and a world hockey star. Sure, it is not only about hockey, but it is also that hard to reach anything, to find the power […]

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    Football or soccer: spot the differences.

    Many countries pay special attention to different sports: hockey in Canada, football in Brazil and biathlon in Norway. But no country can compare with the USA in the ability to interest and attract an audience to a sport. Every second American teenager dreams of becoming an NFL player. We suggest you focus on statistics and […]

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    Baseball facts: match them

    Baseball requires a lot of strategies. Baseball is good because the player’s height, body type, and strength are not as essential as in soccer, football, and basketball. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player? Do you think that you already know most of the baseball facts? Here is your chance to find […]

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    Who are you from among the famous MMA fighters?

    Would you like to become your favorite athlete for one day? Or for one minute just to feel that atmosphere and power? Bet you think that this is impossible – they are too strong, too motivated, their characters too forged. But what if I tell you that you are like them? That you have all […]

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    The milestones of MMA’s history

      Hey, fellas! We suggest you try to pass the test and find out how well you know some facts from the MMA’s history and the titleholders in different weight categories. Are you a true fan of MMA and UFC? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!

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