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Who are you from among the famous baseball players?

Everybody wants to be as awesome as their idols – have the same qualities, do the same things, be well-known at the same level all around the world. However, we think that it is impossible to feel something like that – we can just imagine it. But is It true? Let’s check who you are from among the famous baseball players?

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    Where would you like to live in the USA?

    • Riverside;
    • Baltimore;
    • Westfield.
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    What nickname would you have?

    • The Bambino;
    • Say Hey Kid;
    • I would not like to have a nickname.
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    What would you do to win?

    • I would do everything and more even if I am exhausted;
    • I would do my best, but if it is not enough, I will take it easy;
    • I could even use some steroids if I am not strong enough.
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    How would you like to reach your goal?

    • I am charismatic, I would try to charm everybody;
    • I would just work hard;
    • I would achieve everything by being cunning.
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    What is your favorite dish?

    • I adore burgers;
    • I would kill for pasta;
    • I prefer something with vegetables.
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    Would you like to have a pet?

    • Yes, a dog;
    • Yes, a parrot;
    • No, I don’t like animals.
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    What would you do before the match?

    • I would like to talk with my family;
    • I would like to limber up;
    • I would like to tune in.
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    How would you like to spend your free time?

    • I would like to have a dinner with my parents;
    • I would like to stay at home and watch TV with some sweets;
    • I would like to hang out with my friends somewhere


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