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    Hockey quiz “Where is false?”

    What do you think, can you recognize the truth and a lie amongst these fun and interesting facts about the world of ice hockey? Suit up and grab your ice hockey equipment and be ready to step on the ice. Bet you can’t get the high score and see your name climb the leaderboard. Think […] More

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    How well do you understand American football?

    Calling all Football Fans! Do you follow all the games on TV, and do you really know enough about the historical events that make American Football the game of the generation? Do you think that your knowledge about football is enough to complete all the questions below? Find out and challenge yourself with this quiz! More

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    Image quiz: choose ’em all

    The NBA has prided itself over the years the National League was launched. The course was changed in the ’80s as some iconic players of NBA history have changed the level of perception among the audience. Now basketball one of the most popular world sports along with NBA with All-Star Game and scintillating playoff games. […] More

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    Who are you among the famous football players?

    Soccer is the most widespread and large-scale kind of sport all around the world and it is no wonder why you want to be the same as your favorite player. It is an amazing feeling when you realize that you have the same habits or the same interests with your idol, it makes you at […] More

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    MMA True or False Facts

    If you think you fit in some category of MMA audience and used to be called a fan of martial arts, then be prepared for the type of challenge that will really test your knowledge of the promotion and fighters who have competed in it. This quiz is dedicated to desperate fans who know almost […] More

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    MLB True or False Facts

    Are you a true MLB expert? Do you know who has the most home runs ever or how many perfect games pitchers have thrown in history? We offer you the best and most comprehensive MLB quizzes and trivia. Click now to test your knowledge. More

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    How well do you know the rules of soccer?

    Soccer is a popular type of game but also it is hard to understand. How many players does one game need? What is the right field? What is the right size for the ball? If you can’t name all the details and make them out, then it is hard to call you a die-hard fan. […] More

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    MLB Records

    Baseball is a unique game, where each action on the field can be transformed into statistical indicators. Here each statistical move has its own value. In other words, baseball is a numbers game. However, in the 150-year history of Major League Baseball, there were players whose statistical parameters and records have surpassed all who were […] More

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    How well do you know basketball rules?

    What do you think is the most important part of each game? Maybe it is a player? Or a trophy? Or the process? No – the main part is the rules! If you don’t know the rules – you don’t know anything about the game! You can’t call yourself a die-hard fan if you can’t […] More

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    How well do you know the MMA rules?

    Can you call yourself a true MMA fan? Yes? But why? Just because you know some well-known facts, a few names of the most famous fighters, and the concept of this kind of sport? However there is a question – can you answer why that fighter got a penalty or why both your favorite fighters […] More

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    Who are you from among the famous baseball players?

    Everybody wants to be as awesome as their idols – have the same qualities, do the same things, be well-known at the same level all around the world. However, we think that it is impossible to feel something like that – we can just imagine it. But is It true? Let’s check who you are […] More

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