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How well do you know the rules of soccer?

Soccer is a popular type of game but also it is hard to understand. How many players does one game need? What is the right field? What is the right size for the ball? If you can’t name all the details and make them out, then it is hard to call you a die-hard fan. So let’s check if you are worthy!

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    How many players to a side?

    • 11
    • 10
    • 7
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    A soccer ball has to be made of…

    • It doesn’t matter what material;
    • Leather or another comparable medium;
    • Wood or paper.
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    What is the maximum length of a touch line?

    • 90 meters
    • 50 meters
    • 120 meters
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    What is the minimum width of a goal line?

    • 50 meters;
    • 45 meters;
    • 90 meters.
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    A soccer match is comprised of…

    • Two 45-minute halves;
    • Two 30-minute halves;
    • Three 20-minute halves.
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    Why can a player be given a red card?

    • Unsporting behavior;
    • Spitting at an opponent or any other person;
    • Delaying the restart of play.
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    And why can a player be given a yellow card?

    • Entering or re-entering the field of play without the referee’s permission;
    • Using offensive or abusive language and/or gestures;
    • Plays in a dangerous manner.


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