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Hockey quiz “Where is false?”

What do you think, can you recognize the truth and a lie amongst these fun and interesting facts about the world of ice hockey? Suit up and grab your ice hockey equipment and be ready to step on the ice. Bet you can’t get the high score and see your name climb the leaderboard. Think otherwise? Prove us wrong! Look for the lies about hockey in this quiz.

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    Facts about the hockey puck.

    • A hockey puck is a disc made of vulcanized rubber.
    • Nowadays some hockey pucks are frozen prior to a game in order to prevent them from bouncing.
    • Small pieces of ice served as the first-ever hockey pucks
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    NHL Mascots.

    • The Pittsburgh Penguins once had a live penguin as their mascot that was named Slapshot Pete.
    • The Carolina’s Hurricane mascot Stormy is named after the actress Stormy Meadows.
    • Arizona’s Coyotes Howler wears number 96 on his jersey, representing the year the Winnipeg Jets moved to Arizona.
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    NHL rules

    • At one time, rules stated that the team captain had to be on the ice at all times.
    • If a team’s two goalies are injured during a game, the rules state that anybody can play the position — including a fan from inside the arena.
    • Some other rules stated that referees used to wear only orange helmets in order to easily spot them on the ice.
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    • Andy Brown was the last goaltender to play a game without a mask, doing so with the Anaheim Ducks in 1970.
    • Former Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall was the first goaltender to score a goal by shooting the puck into the other team’s net
    • Goalies cannot carry — or even touch — the puck on the opposite side of the centerline.
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    Women in hockey.

    • Twelve women have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup, either as owners or team executives.
    • Norway is one of the top-5 countries in the women’s ice hockey rankings.
    • In 1992, goalie Manon Rhéaume became the first woman to play in the NHL, suiting up for the Tampa Bay Lightning during an exhibition game.
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    The Stanley Cup

    • The original Stanley Cup was only seven inches high.
    • The Detroit Red Wings have won the most Stanley Cups in league history, with 13.
    • The Stanley Cup is named after a former Canadian Governor-General, Lord Stanley of Preston, who donated the trophy in 1893.
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    NHL Hall of Fame

    • The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in Toronto, Ontario.
    • The 1956 Montreal Canadiens team featured 5 future Hall of Famers.
    • The Hockey Hall of Fame tops all sports Halls in annual attendance, over 300,000 every year.
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    NHL records

    • The fastest slapshot on record is Bobby Hull’s, which registered 150 miles per hour.
    • Paul Coffey of the Edmonton Oilers set an NHL record for defensemen with 37 points in the 1985 playoffs.
    • Wayne Gretzky holds 61 NHL records, the most by far of any player.


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