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MLB Records

Baseball is a unique game, where each action on the field can be transformed into statistical indicators. Here each statistical move has its own value. In other words, baseball is a numbers game. However, in the 150-year history of Major League Baseball, there were players whose statistical parameters and records have surpassed all who were before them, and also will surpass those who will be after. Check out our quiz and see if you can identify them.

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    1. This legendary MLB player recorded at least one hit in 56 consecutive games.

    • Ted Williams
    • Joe DiMaggio
    • Pete Rose
    • Babe Ruth Jr.
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    This record is often considered to be unbreakable. Who is the only player who holds the record of 511 career wins?

    • Walter Johnson
    • Warren Spahn
    • Cy Young
    • Ty Cobb
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    This player surpassed the record of Gehrig and went for 2.632 consecutive games in his baseball career. Who is it?

    • Everett Scott
    • Steve Garvey
    • Joe Sewell
    • Cal Ripken
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    During his MLB career (1963-1986) he was a switch hitter and is the all-time leader in hits with an incredible 4.256 points.

    • Pete Rose
    • Hank Aaron
    • Ty Cobb
    • Stan Musial
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    During his 27-year career Nolan Ryan has the most career strikeouts. How many batters did he strike out?

    • 4.875
    • 4.136
    • 4.672
    • 5.714
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    The “Stolen Base King” sits atop of the category of stolen bases with 1.416. Who is he?

    • Lou Brock
    • Ty Cobb
    • Rickey Henderson
    • Billy Hamilton
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    Relief pitcher and closer nicknamed “Sandman” holds the record of 652 saves. Who is that MLB player?

    • Mariano Rivera
    • Trevor Hoffman
    • Francisco Rodriguez
    • Lee Smith
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    This MLB player still holds the record of the longest scoreless inning streak of 59.

    • Don Drysdale
    • Bob Gibson
    • Zack Greinke
    • Orel Hershiser


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