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Free agent Mario Gotze could be offered a surprise return to the Bayern Munich.

Mario Gotze
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Mario Gotze seems to have returned to Bayern Munich for the second time. The team has surprised its fans with this news recently, but now it’s yet unclear whether this will happen or not. Some say it is just rumored, but nobody can give a certain answer. Mario Gotze has several significant achievements in his career, including his historical goal in the 2014 World Cup final, which made him famous. Nowadays, Gotze is a free agent.  

More details

Gotze became a Bayern Munich player in 2013. His career was rapidly developing at that time, so many teams were dreaming about him. In 2016, he left the team and returned to Dortmund (his former team). After this, he experienced some health problems, so last season there were only twenty-one appearances of him. Nowadays, Bayern Munich is interested in bringing him back. 

Hansi Flick has recently called Gotze to discuss all the important details of his return. He also mentioned that they had several conversations about it previously. The schedule of the team will be harsh, as they wasted lots of time during the pandemic, so Gotze should be ready for it. 

Besides, Flick underlined that Gotze was a really experienced and powerful player, as he knew the club. Flick is extremely ambitious, so he is planning to win a Champions League. 

Others are interested

As we have previously mentioned, Gotze is a good player, so Sevilla, Roma, Monaco, and Fiorentina, are also interested in him. In any case, it’s up to him to select whom to support. 


It’s very interesting to see what will be the future achievements of Mario Gotze. Who knows, perhaps he will surprise people even more.

What do you think about it? Will his return be successful? Let us know in the comments.

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