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The desire to cancel meetings: why analysts believe that preseason matches have exhausted themselves.

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Lately analysts have only been talking about how preseason matches have exhausted themselves. Matches are no longer needed, they do not affect the quality of the game, they only aggravate the injuries, they are boring, etc. “Let’s cancel the preseason meetings” – became the motto  But football Week # 2 has turned into a brutal night for many of the league’s players. Let’s remember it as “Black Sunday 2020”. So whether or not the preseason is needed, let’s understand the situation.

‘If there’s one thing we’ve learned through a week and a half. It’s that there is zero need for an NFL preseason. None. The product is fine. And preseason is basically a scam to charge season tickets holders full price for 2 extra games.” –  writes a bookie analyst on his Twitter.

“Canceling the preseason is good for the players, less games means less injuries. It’s good for the fans, the first 2 games are boring and not interesting, they waste their time and money,” writes the famous bookmaker portal Bookieblitz.

We will argue with the last statement for a long time. ACL injury statistics have already been calculated, and it clearly shows that the number of injuries in the season is higher than during the games in the preseason.

Of course, the system of preseason meetings is far from ideal and there is no need for a “friendly month” at all. But it cannot be denied that the combat conditions are extremely difficult to recreate. The matches in August help the players prepare their bodies. You need to allow the players to feel the first five powerful hits and sharp loads, then a dozen. Well, then they are ready to go into the battle. This is the first.

Further, preseason matches provide an opportunity for free agents, non-contract players, and newcomers to jump into the NFL meat grinder. They allow them to show who is worth what, to sign a contract, etc. The current offseason – the most non-contact offseason in the history of football – has shown everyone that it’s not about unnecessary preseason, but the essence of the game itself, which is built on hits and abrasions. And training processes, camps, and group classes are dangerous in much the same way as preseason games.

What do you think about it? Is it good or no to cancel meeting?

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What do you think?


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