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Dez Bryant Has a Meeting with the Ravens but Goes Home without a Contract.

Dez Bryant
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Dez Bryant had an audition at Baltimore. According to an ESPN source, Ravens decided not to offer the 31-year-old receiver a contract, and he went home without one.

Mission Failed, or Not?

Dez Bryant will likely join the club in the course of the season, but Baltimore’s management chose not to rush things. By the way, he might be only the second receiver since the league merger in 1970, who made it to Pro Bowl, then missed two full seasons and returned to the league. The first was Josh Gordon. Bryant hasn’t played in an NFL game since December 2017.

The Ravens did not advertise much about the football player’s arrival. On the contrary, the coaching staff greatly admires young receivers like Miles Boykin. He will, of course, be on the shortlist for a call from the Ravens in the event of an injury epidemic or a coronavirus outbreak. However, there is no guarantee that such a telephone conversation will take place at all.

Wasted Opportunity

Dwayne Harris, another receiver, also had a meeting with Baltimore. Nevertheless, he failed to receive a contract as well. Harris was the special team player at Pro Bowl 2016, though.

Once the club tried to sign Bryant two years ago, but then the player himself refused the contract. He preferred the Saints, signing a one-year contract with them. Then the football player was counting on more favorable conditions after a year in New Orleans. For a year with them, he, by the way, was supposed to earn $ 1.25 million. However, the plan was not destined to come true, because, by an absurd accident, Bryant tore his Achilles tendon on the first training session with the new club. That knocked him out immediately for two seasons

Do you want Brayant to play in Baltimore?

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