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Lindor says Cleveland can afford to keep him.

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As we know, Francisco Lindor will soon become a free agent (after the 2021 season), there are lots of rumors about it. Cleveland has experienced several losses recently, for example, they were defeated by the New York Yankees. It was a tough year for Francisco Lindor as well, as his results were rather disappointing.

To leave or not to leave?

Lindor refused a contract extension, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to continue playing for Cleveland. One of the main reasons is money. According to Lindor’s words, he just wants fair market value, as his huge experience and skill should be paid for properly.

Lindor is not the only person who is not satisfied with their salary. Betts did the same and, as a result, a long-term contract with the Dodgers was signed. A pandemic affected Cleveland badly, so so far a salary decrease is expected. In this case, it will be impossible for the team to keep Lindor.

Lindor’s future perspectives

Lindor is a valuable player, so no wonder he wants to have a proper salary. Nevertheless, his salary for 2020 was seventeen million dollars. In 2021, he will get approximately 25 million dollars, which is actually good for such a small market team. Recently he was asked about staying with the team. He answered that it is possible for the team to keep him, as it is a billion-dollar team. According to his words, Cleveland can afford him.

So, what are his future perspectives? Several teams are interested in him, including the Angels, the Giants, and the Yankees.


For now, Francisco Lindor remains with the team, but his days are numbered, as his price is too high. In any case, this player will certainly find his place under the sun.

What do you think where Lindor will be more effective? Which team do you see this player in?

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What do you think?


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