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Loudest 2020 NHL signings.

2020 NHL signings

The original schedule of the NHL free-agent market opening has changed due to the pandemic. Even so, several notable signings have already taken place over the week since the market opened. The loudest of them are presented below.

Alex Pietrangelo has signed a long-term deal

2020 NHL signings
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A 30-year old defender is one of the biggest stars in the NFL at the moment. He’s been playing for the St-Louis Blues throughout his career. He made a huge contribution to the Blues obtaining the Stanley Cup in 2019 for first the time in history. But now it’s time for Alex to move on. Thus, he’s signed a 7-year $ 61,6 million deal with the Knights. The signing of this year’s top free agent is a huge step for Vegas, though a cap might become a problem in the long term as Alex’s mastery might decline in the years ahead.

Montreal Canadians gathering an arsenal

2020 NHL signings
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This offseason has been quite busy for the Canadians as they have a lot of fresh deals on the way. One of them was the signing of Tyler Toffoli. A $15 million four-year deal is a perfect opportunity for Toffoli to unleash his potential even more than with the Canucks. His scoring punch will certainly be a valuable asset for Montreal.

Dallas Stars keep their top-class goalie

2020 NHL signings
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In one of the previous articles, we said that the situation with Anton Khudobin is vague. In no way, a consistent goalie with. 919 save percentage during the regular season couldn’t be left out. He was the one who’s carried the Stars to the finals in 2020 and had a 2.69 GAA and .917 save percentage. Dallas can’t afford to lose such a brilliant player, so they’ve agreed on a 3-year 10$ million deal.


Here are the loudest 2020 NHL signings in our opinion. Don`t hesitate to name some that you think we might have missed.

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