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Who is heading to the World Series?

the World Series
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Two teams are left battling for an opportunity to go to the World Series. The Rays beat the Yanks 2-1 a few days ago thus making it to the ALCS for the first time since 08. But will they beat the Houston Astors? Well, take a look at this confrontation for the place in the World Series.

The stars aligned

These two met in 2019 at the AL Division Series and the Rays went from there defeated 6-1 in the fifth game. The Astros have also won the 2020 ALDS by eliminating Oakland with 12 scored runs. Houston’s Arsenal is full of impactful players. The MVP is probably George Springer and his 14 homers throughout this season. Next is .500 hitting Carlos Correa, compounded by Brantley, Altuve, and Bregman.

Many folks believed that the Astros can easily beat the Rays and go for their 4th championship. Or so they say. Game 1 took place on Sunday and the Rays defeated Houston 2-1, the same score as in the 5th game against the Yanks. It took the Rays 5 innings to turn the game and then the Astros offense does almost nothing for the last four.

Brawl for the Series

Game 2 concluded on Tuesday. The Rays win again! The Astros got outplayed for the second time and there`s no certainty anything will change in their third game unless they find a way to counter the Rays impenetrable defense. As for the Rays, you just must watch this. Two incredible plays by Margot alone are enough to watch the 2nd game.

Game 3 has just concluded. This is the 3rd victory in a row for the Rays with a score of 5-2. Another throwing mistake from Altuve allowed the Tampa Bay to make another step towards the Series. As for Houston, they are running out of time to get a grip and try to fight back.

A breakeven point was achieved by the Astros a day ago when they eventually managed to outplay the Rays 4-3 in the 4th game. It all is thanks to Altuve and Springer, whose clean shots together with good defense allowed Huston to regain the initiative and try harder to fight for the ticket to the World Series.


The next game takes place on Thursday. The Astros need to keep it going if they want a chance to head to the World Series in 2020. We see how fixing errors in offense may help an underdog to come back into the race.

Which game did you like the most?
What is your prediction for the next game?

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