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Clubs will base the order of selection in the 2021 draft on their results in 2020. What do these changes mean for the clubs?

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There has been lots of talking that the distribution of next year’s draft picks will likely be determined, as always, by the final results of the teams in the regular season. Do you want to know the details? We are ready to tell you what these changes will bring to the clubs.

There could have been no changes.

The fact is that according to the March agreements between the league and the union, reached amid the pandemic, the head of the League, Rob Manfred, was given unlimited powers to determine the format of the 2021 draft. That means that Manfred had every opportunity to distribute the places on the draft board in any order he would like.

Fortunately for all of us, the sporting component of defining draft positions will probably be the same. Therefore, the draft’s 1st issue, and thus the right to choose the pitcher, will get the Pittsburgh Pirates as the team with the worst winning percentage. Vanderbilt University’s Kumar Rocker, who is considered the best young baseball player in next year’s draft, is likely to travel to Pittsburgh.

Happy Pirates

Do you understand what these changes mean to the Pirates? It looks like Pittsburgh has pulled out a lucky ticket in the lottery. The Pirates get their 1st draft pick for the first time since 2011 when the club got pitcher Gerrit Cole! And this is the Pittsburgh Pirates, who finished the championship with 19 wins and 41 losses. Pittsburgh will pick this time from two of the top picks in the 2021 draft class, right-handers Kumar Rocker and Al Leiter. According to unconfirmed rumors, the team’s management has already opted for Kumar.

The “lucky ones” were Detroit, Boston, Baltimore, Arizona, Kansas City, Colorado, Los Angeles Angel, and New York Mets. The 1st round will not have 30 picks, but 29, as the Houston Astros lost their 1st-round draft pick as punishment for theft of signals in the 2017 season.

Well, judging by the new rules, ours is expecting an exciting new season. Remember that the 2021 draft will take place at an unusual time – the event moved from June to July – and we will see it simultaneously to coincide with the All-Star Game in Atlanta.

Tell us your prediction about the Pirates?

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