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Lakers won!

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LA and Miami have finally resolved an issue regarding the 2020 championship title. It’s worth saying that the Heat fought well, as did the Lakers. They`ve done their best, but this year victory is held by the West Coast. How did the Lakers win the victory?

Second-last step

Game 5 on October 9 was close. The Heat was just 3 points ahead of LA. James scored 40 pts against 35 pts from Butler but Anthony Davis’ injury has certainly played its role. LeBron tried a shot from a half-court but it wasn`t long enough. Lakers still lead 3-2 and the series require one more game.


Game 6 took place on October 14 and unfortunately for the Heat, no 7th game was required. Even the return of Goran Dragic didn’t help. The Lakers were 8 points ahead by the end of the 1st quarter. By the end of the 1st half, their advantage was 28 pts. At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Heat tried to get even, but LA didn’t give them a chance. They won the 6th game and the championship 106-93.


MVPs in the final game were LeBron with 28 points for LA and Bam Adebayo with 25 points for Miami. As for the finals as a whole, James was named an MVP for the 4th time in his career. More than that, LeBron is the first-ever man who won this title in the finals on three different teams.

James was a good captain, and no doubt his attitude played a significant role in their victory. He was proud but humble at the same time during the post-match interview. It`s an obvious fact that the Davis & James tandem was a driving force that let LA take the championship. “I want him to be better than me” – said LeBron about Anthony Davis.


Great respect to both teams and congrats to LA! Theyve managed to push on and took whats theirs. The Heat in turn managed to fight back in the best way possible despite all the difficulties. Leave your thoughts regarding the final and who`s MVP in your opinion.

Did you support the Lakers or Miami?

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