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NBA: Practice makes perfect, so LeBron James is working on his strategy.

LeBron James
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LeBron James is a well-known and respected basketball player, three-time NBA champion, and two-time Olympic champion. The player is sure the key to success is careful preparation, so he is constantly trying to improve his skills. Taking into account the anti-record he sat recently, he needs preparation more than ever. According to his words, it is not difficult for him to invest his time and effort in preparation. Fine-tuning the game is everything for him. 

James’ career

As we have mentioned, LeBron James has lots of achievements in his career. He played with several teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat, and the Lakers. Nowadays, he plays for the Lakers. James also has many awards. Those are two Olympic gold medals, four Finals MVP Awards, and four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards. As we can see, his rule to prepare as much as possible did a great job for him.


James said he was excited about all the preparation he will have together with the Lakers soon. He underlined that it is important not only to focus on things they do great but also on their weaknesses.

Nevertheless, James is not the only person the Lakers can rely on. Anthony Davis is also showing great performance constantly. James admitted that Davis was certainly the one to put the bet on, as his skills allow him to use various strategies. He is a good player, so both the team and James think his future is going to be impressive. 


No matter what you are engaged in, practice makes perfect, so LeBron James has learned this rule perfectly. 

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