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The new comeback kings: the Chicago Bears stun Tom Brady and the Bucs.

Chicago Bears
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As we know, the Chicago Bears are one of the most famous football teams from Chicago. The team has lots of achievements and awards that were earned during its long history. For example, the Chicago Bears won the NFL Champions title eight times. Besides, the team was a winner of the Super Bowl once. The Chicago Bears are the most widely represented team in the Hall of Fame. The number of their victories is also incredible. Nevertheless, the team was in the shadows for some time, but their amazing comeback surprised everyone. 


It is widely discussed that comeback victories have become traditional for the team. Their 20-19 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers impressed everyone, including award-winning Tom Brady. Matt Nagy underlined that every win is something special for the team, so he was extremely proud of how the players performed. This is the third win for the team this season, which is a great result. 

Nevertheless, they won’t compete in the Super Bowl tournament. In any case, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a powerful team, so the fact the Bears managed to defeat them will help them to feel much more confident in future games. 


According to Allen Robinson, Nick Foles’ performance was outstanding. He said that he greatly helped the team to win, so this player is certainly one of the most valuable ones. So, he has no danger of losing his job.

Besides, there is a troubling trend many people noticed. In the third quarter, the Bears tend not to score. So, they should pay attention to it. 


The Chicago Bears are a strong team that has lots of fans around the globe. Understandably, there were ups and downs in the team’s history, but it makes it even more interesting for us to watch. 

What do you think about the performance of this team? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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