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The 1st sensation of the season. Cleveland finds themselves where they had not been for 12 years.

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The fourth week of the season has come to the end and we have a new sensation. No, not about the coronavirus, which was found in NFL players. No, not about the Bills games. Today we’ll talk about Cleveland and how they return to the elite top of the league table. It took them 12 years to do this!

The Browns have not had positive seasons in the past 12 years. Of these, the team finished nine times last in its division, once lost all matches in general (2017), managed to issue 1-31 (2016-2017), and in general, boasts a result of 51-140-1.

But that was in the past. And today Cleveland is on par with the Baltimore Ravens for the season, finishing second in the AFC North! This is the Browns’ best start since the 2001 season when quarterback Baker Mayfield was almost 6 years old. Alas, even that year, the franchise did not make the playoffs.

But why not do it now? They can.

Of course, it may be too early to draw such hasty conclusions. However, we all pondered a simple question: Has history changed for the Browns? Seeing their away (important) victory over Dallas 49-38 – in a game in which they dominated so much that at one point they were leading 41-14.

These were exactly the Browns as we expected them to be a year ago when by all preseason forecasts they were considered the favorites in their division. And even won it on paper. But in fact, they took third place. This is exactly what the Browns should be if they want to seriously challenge unbeaten Pittsburgh and reigning division champion Baltimore.

The Browns are now where they haven’t been for 12 years. And while Mayfield might say to reporters “honestly, I don’t care” (which he did on Sunday), we care. Because the Browns look like a team aiming for the playoffs, and ready to create problems there. And it’s not just good for Cleveland. This is great news for the entire NFL.

What do you think about the success of Cleveland?

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What do you think?


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