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Cam Newton says Patrick Mahomes is ‘changing the game’ ahead of their meeting Sunday.

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Patrick Mahomes is loved by thousands of people for his amazing performance, so people say he can be called the face of a new football generation. As we know, the Chiefs will soon face the New England Patriots.

 It means that the 2018 NFL MVP and reigning Super Bowl MVP will have a chance to meet the 2015 NFL MVP – Cam Newton. What does Newton think about it? He considers Mahomes an incredible player, being sure he is changing the game, which is extremely interesting to watch.

Newton and Mahomes – different, but successful

Patrick Mahomes
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Both Mahomes and Newton are mobile and skillful, but these two are different quarterbacks. Some say Newton is the larger one, which made it possible for him to set various records.

Patrick Mahomes also considers Newton a promising and strong player. Mahomes underlined Newton’s physical form was great, as well as his strategy. Nevertheless, he also has something to be proud of. For example, the player has records for passing touchdowns per game, for career passing yards per game, and more.

Newton’s thoughts

As we have previously mentioned, Newton is an experienced quarterback as well. He knows what  winning is and how it feels to be in the center of everything. So, his opinion matters, and he is convinced that Mahomes is playing football at a very high level. His performance can be compared to the most successful players, according to Newton.

In fact, these players’ careers and skills are similar, there is only one difference between them. Newtown doesn’t own a Super Bowl Ring, while Mahomes is a proud owner of one. Besides, Mahomes’ numerous records are also worth one’s attention and respect.


Patrick Mahomes is certainly a promising player, as well as Newton. So, it will be very interesting to watch their meeting.

What do you think about it? Is Mahomes as good as people say? Let us know in the comments below.

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