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The Pats are Unrecognizable. How Did Cam Change the Tactics of the Game?

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Cam Newton returned from an injury. He is healthy with everything and happy. Many football fans breathed a sigh of relief when they saw his big smile, strong shot, and powerful running style again. Let’s see how Cam changed the tactics of the game.

Successful Return

Last time Newton entered the field in the second week of last season, but even then, he was not himself. Due to a history of injuries, 31 NFL teams chose not to sign with him. The Patriots took him in on an outrageously tiny contract with a base salary of only 1.05 million (Cam can earn up to 7.5 million, including all bonuses). This deal was successful immediately after the conclusion.

Cam became the team leader for yards (75 yards in 15 tries) and scored two touchdowns, bringing his team a 21-11 win.

“I returned to the game as I remember it. Now the coaching staff and I continue to check each other. I’m trying to understand what I can, and they – what I can offer them, “- said Newton after the game.


Newton has skills that are radically different from what the Patriots rivals have had to deal with for 20 years under Brady.

The threat from Newton allowed other players around him to succeed – Sonia Michel scored 37 yards in 10 tries and Rex Burkhead 32 yards in 7 tries. Thus, Cam even managed to change the tactics of the game a little.

 You can’t go anywhere, but every week one of the first questions about Cam will be his health.  He was sacked twice in the game with the Dolphins. Subsequently, Cam painfully held on to his leg after the game. Nevertheless, he denied all doubts about the injury. Sorry, Cam, but you will be harassed for the whole season because of your health.

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