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Will Cam Newton be the next MVP?

Cam Newton
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If Cam Newton would play the entire season like against Miami, he should be considered as a candidate for the title of MVP. So why does Cam deserve the title of MVP of the season, and why does he deserve this title as a part of the Patriots?

Cam had a good debut for the Patriots. The 31-year-old quarterback made 15 of 19 passes for 155 yards and 15 rushings for 75 yards and 2 touchdowns. Newton and the Patriots followed, it should be noted, an excellent game plan, they kept possession of the ball (total time – 34:49), breaking Miami with a forceful rushing (217 yards), and turned on the defense.

Newton, on the other hand, easily made the correct reads in the run-pass option, finding open gaps for himself and for runners (Sony Michel – 10 rushing for 37 yards and a touchdown, Rex Burkhead – 7 carries for 32 yards, JJ Taylor – 4 for 28, James White – 5 for 22).

At once, four Pats players made rushing for a minimum of 11 yards (Newton, Burkhead, Taylor, Edelman). And a lot of that clearing efficiency is the result of Cam’s work, his defense reading before the snap, and his vision of the field after the rally began.

“He endured well, directed the attacking game, did some good checks, and made adjustments to playcalling,” said Bill Belichick.

Newton, having undergone 4 surgeries in the last 6 years, rushed without fear of getting a new injury. His 15 rushings were his second-best in his career, and 75 yards on the ground was his 10th career productivity. He also scored more than one touchdown in a match for the seventh time. For a player with such a medical history, these numbers are quite surprising.

“I just wanted to win,” Newton was short in describing his performance.

If Newton continues to manage offense in a similar vein, the Patriots will be a nightmare for opponents in the coming weeks, as the Opponent’s Defense Coordinators can prepare for a very different New England team from the last year’s tapes.

Yes, this is only the first week, but Cam, the 2015 MVP, looked like someone who was in complete control of his offensive. He played calmly and reliably, and so did the Pats, who like usually started the season with a win.

Newton has room to progress. But at the moment, our editorial staff does not see a better player for the MVP title than Cam Newton.

Do you like Newton?

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