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Harbaugh Explains why He Let Lamar Play Out the Entire Game despite Defeating the Rivals.

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Lamar Jackson and the Ravens decimated Cleveland in their first game of the season on Sunday. Baltimore won 38-6. Nevertheless, their coaching staff decided to keep the starting quarterback in the game, even when the score was over thirty. However, Harbaugh later explained why he let Lamar play out the entire game, despite defeating the rivals.

“This is the National Football League”

Such a decision by John Harbaugh made the critics worry about Jackson’s health. The Ravens head coach, in his turn, just dismissed the replacement questions. Harbaugh later explained why he let Lamar play out the entire game despite defeating the rivals.  “Change Lamar ten minutes before the end? Not. No chance at all. That is the National Football League. Nobody removes starting quarterbacks from the field 10 minutes before the end of the game in the NFL. And there are reasons for this. I don’t think I need to explain them. It’s black and white,” said Harbaugh.

Jackson had a great debut this season with 275 passing yards (20 of 25 passes) and three touchdowns.  It is worth noting that Harbaugh did remove Jackson from the field last season. Twice he didn’t play at all in the final quarter, though.

Bet on Practice

 “If someone thinks that Lamar should have been removed from the field, then I do not agree with that.  By the same logic, we had to replace him during the break. That way, he would be safe.  I’ve seen enough comebacks in my career. Moreover, that was the first game of the season, and we are still getting involved,claims Harbaugh.

Due to the pandemic, pre-season matches and training camps have been cut ahead of the 2020 season. In such a situation, Harbaugh will use every opportunity to help his quarterback get into optimal shape.

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