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Mike Perry challenges elder Diaz brother.

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Perry’s last fight was a unanimous decision victory over Mickey Gall a few months ago. Nick Diaz, in contrast, had his last fight 5 years ago against Anderson Silva. The reason why we mentioned the two of them is a portion of good old trash talk from Perry aimed at the elder Diaz brother.

In July, Perry was charged with a misdemeanor assault after he attacked 3 men in a restaurant in Lubbock, Texas. Shortly after that, his contract was suspended. Dana White gave some comments regarding this situation by calling Perry’s behavior not normal and stated that “Platinum” requires help with his aggression and alcohol issues.

Mike never had good relationships with social media. He said he hates both media and fans and said if anyone approaches him in person, the outcome won’t be good. Well, that’s what happened in that restaurant.

Even after Dana White said Perry needs to stay away from social media, “Platinum” didn’t listen to him and posted a series of twits calling out Nick Diaz. He did kind of the same thing to his brother Nate earlier but it didn’t work out.

As for Nick, he lost to the Spider in 2015 and had a five-year suspension overall for several failed drug tests. For now, the elder Diaz has returned to business and also posted a few twits showing that he`s preparing for the next fight in the UFC.

Some of the UFC welterweights including Leon Edwards, Stephen Thompson, and Darren Till didn`t hesitate and also called him out. Even Conor McGregor took place in the race, but it’s obvious it was for fun. Anyways, in terms of aggression, no one can surpass Mike Perry.


As for the odds, Mike has all the chances to catch Nick with one lucky punch and send him to sleep. Of course, jiu-jitsu may be the issue that “Platinum” should be afraid of. Unfortunately, the fight between Perry and Diaz is not likely to happen in the near future. First of all, whether Diaz returns to the octagon shortly is an open question for now, and second, Perry`s return is even more uncertain until he sorts his life out, as UFC president Dana White said.

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