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Mike Perry Faces Consequences After Knocking Down a Man in a Bar.

Mike Perry
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Demonstrating power in the Octagon is one thing, but a good athlete never loses control over their actions outside of it. Mike Perry, a 14-6 welterweight, put himself in the spotlight when he attacked a customer in a bar while being visibly intoxicated. 

Not the Most Ordinary Guy

Mike Perry is known for standing up for himself, as well as being what one might call ‘sharp around the edges’. He likes getting particularly close to his opponents’ faces during the staredowns and is quick to make questionable statements. 

For instance, Mike said that he’d stick his finger into Darren Till’s eye, shared his dislike for the tax system, and, on multiple occasions, used offensive language. 

The Bar Brawl

A few days ago a video from a bar in Lubbock, Texas surfaced on the internet, showing Mike Perry as he throws a heavy punch that knocks out an elderly customer after a heated exchange. The unlucky customer was still unconscious when the police came and had to be taken to the hospital. 

Police questioned Mike and charged him with a misdemeanor. Reportedly, Perry was also involved in a brawl with a woman and a staff member. His position afterward was that he had been defending himself after a physical contact initiated by others. 

The UFC Reacts

Mike Perry had already apologized for his actions and discussed the incident with the UFC. Obviously, the bar fight didn’t go unnoticed by the organization. 

The official statement was that Perry will not be currently offered a fight as his actions were not up to the UFC standard, but he is not ‘banned’ from the sport per se. 

Perry has acknowledged the harm his actions could have caused to the MMA and promised to seek professional help. The latter would include counseling for substance abuse and behavioral issues. 


The good thing here is that Mike Perry is clearly eager to work on his problems. Time will tell whether or not his intentions are sincere and lead to significant changes, but it seems like the UFC has given him a chance of retribution by leaving the future prospects open to discussion.

Do you condemn Mike Perry’s actions? 

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