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Gripping things during the UFC weigh-ins.

UFC weigh-ins
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The training camp and the UFC weigh-ins have become a substantial part of the MMA and other combat sports. Things that happen during the weigh-ins are often more interesting than the fights because it’s still a time of showing off and trash-talk, which we all love so much.

Dealt with anxiety

Imagine this. You are about to fight a dangerous opponent, Diego Sanchez. Here you are, standing right in front of him. You are full of angst. What is your next move? Craig White has creatively solved this problem. He kissed Sanchez right as they have approached one another during the UFC 228 final face-off. It`s a delight to watch Sanchez`s serious face and the smile on White`s face after it happened. Something tells us their relationships won`t really work out.

Jessica Eye vs Bethe Correia

Here are the ladies again, but the outcome is completely different.  A face-off between these two whimsical women fighters couldn’t end peacefully. As the fighters were approaching one another, Bethe Correia stepped towards Jessica Eye and tried to pin her fist towards her opponent’s face. The reaction was quick. The eye immediately pushed Correia away and stood there smiling while the staff was trying to calm furious Correia down. That was an elegant but brutal move at the same time.

Nearly every Spider’s weigh-in

Anderson Silva is not only a talented and skilled fighter. He used to be good at scandal performances during the face-offs. We have come up with two of the craziest. The first one was before Spider’s fight with Vitor Belfort. Shortly before the fight, Belfort said during an interview that Silva is always wearing a mask for mental protection from the world. Spider liked that and wanted to illustrate his mask to Belfort. He wore the white mask during their face-off, which certainly pissed Belfort off.

The second weigh-in we remember is the one with the trash talk king Chael Sonnen before their 1st fight on UFC 117. Silva showed his full disrespect when he didn’t even look at Sonnen and his shoulder was close to Sonnen`s face. The boss move ended when Silva hit Chael with the shoulder and stepped out with a smile on his face. Silva has always been more of the fighter, than a talker. By the way, Spider won by submission in the fifth round.


A guy who invented the UFC public weigh-ins is certainly a genius. As we`ve seen, the face-offs can give us joy us not only with the brutal brawls but can be a perfect time for embarrassing and extraordinary behaviors.

Whose gripping thing impressed you the most? Share it with us in the comments.

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