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Top-class rookie batters in MLB.

rookie batters in MLB

Today we’ve gathered the most highly ranked rookie batters in MLB of the 2020 season. The current season is going to consist of 60 games and won’t include Minor League games. It means that the selection among gifted freshmen might be even more rigorous than before.

Gavin Lux, LA Dodgers second baseman

rookie batters in MLB
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We are starting with the second baseman of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Gavin debuted in the MLB in 2019 and has already shown his incredible ability. Being able to combine power and speed, Gavin managed to score two home runs and .163 hits in the shortened 2020 season, and it doesn’t seem like this won’t be the case in the future.

Luis Robert, Chicago Socks outfielder

rookie batters in MLB
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He’s the player with a high 30-30 potential. Of course, like any other rookie, Luis has some things to improve and hit some .270 and more, and Robert has everything in his arsenal to do so. It looks like he’s grown a bat out of his hands, as evidenced by incredible bat speed and compact swing path, altogether with just enough power in every hit. As for the cons, those are present too. The main problem is plate discipline. Robert doesn’t always manage to keep balance, but if he sorts that out, his .255 batting average will no longer be the problem.

Kyle Lewis, Mariners outfielder

rookie batters in MLB
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He’s rightfully one of the best rookie hitters in the MLB. In his last season, Lewis batted .368/.456/.585, including 39 hits, 7 home runs, and 19 RBIs through his first 29 games in the Major league which is surely one of the best results among rookies. Playing baseball since 2014, Lewis appears to be both skilled and experienced, which is a perfect mix for achieving peak performance in the near future if injuries stay at bay.


Of course, the list of top-class rookie hitters is much bigger than the one we’ve presented, but we`ve tried to pick the players with the highest potential. It’s impossible to know for sure beforehand, but these three are certainly going to be remembered as the best of their generation.

Which of these players are you betting on the most? Who else in your opinion should be on the list?

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