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Why White Sox Righty Lucas Giolito is Trying Hard to Show Progress this Year.

Lucas Giolito
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In 2018, Lucas Giolito’s ERA was 6.13, which made people and critics think he couldn’t fix control on the fly. In 2020, Lucas Giolito is still having some troubles because of the lack of control.

Some say it may be caused by an injury Giolito had a year ago, but, understandably, it’s impossible to say for sure.

Bad and Good Starts

All baseball fans remember the day Lucas Giolito was defeated by the Twins. That was not all about his bad starts, as then he was not impressive playing against the Cardinals.

That time he allowed seven baserunners without allowing a single extra-base hit. Nevertheless, we should also mention his successful outings, including his performance against Milwaukee and Cleveland.

As any player, Giolito has had ups and downs, but people tend to pay more attention to bad moments. In fact, there were three good starts and two bad ones.

Control is the Key

Over time, Giolito has been trying hard to show better performance. His main problem, as experts say, is that he doesn’t strike guys out.

We should also note that the White Sox’s defensive efficiency is below average. Control is what Giolito has to focus on.

Probably, he just got hot for several weeks the previous season.

There were 5 starts, and his ERA was 5.32. In general, he was not very impressive being a White Sox’s full-timer.

He Still Has Chances of Becoming Successful

Giolito has a chance of showing progress. He is rather young (he is twenty-six only), so the first thing he should focus on is control.

Besides, his electric arm is another plus that can influence his success.


Giolito’s health problems and difficulties he faces fixing control on the fly have spoiled his reputation a little bit but if he focuses on how to improve his skills, it may change for the better.

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