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NFL COVID-19 protocols updated.

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Someone can consider strict NFL contagion-preventing means as inappropriate, but for now, its efficiency can’t be underestimated. NFL executives and medical experts have developed proper game-day health protocols, which are the main reason for an incredibly low number of positive COVID-19 tests.

Positive trends

Over the last week of August, there were 8739 NFL players and personnel tested. It resulted in only 10 positive tests, 4 of them were players, and 6 were staff members. Albeit the virus keeps spreading, its pace is slowing down day by day. There were weeks in August when zero among hundreds of COVID-19 tests were positive.

Updated protocols

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated, that there is a comprehensive set of protocols specially created for the purpose of competing during the current season, culminating with the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay. Goodell has recently said, that they remain flexible and first of all focused on public health, both during the offseason and after it.

A list of updated health protocols includes an obligation for coaches to wear a protective mask during the game, increasing the space between the people on the bench, and making some improvements regarding the public. The last point is related to the possibility of the fans’ presence during the games of several teams, though the exact info has not yet been shared.

The Commissioner let people know that some teams might have some fans in the stadium whilst others won’t. It caused much displeasure among people, one of which was the Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott and the Vikings coach Mike Zimmer, who said it’s kind of unfair for teams to have different opportunities for their fans to be cheering them during the games.


It doesn’t matter if we like it or not, today’s situation demands active actions for the executives to commit. Despite the fact the health environment is getting better or at least not getting worse, the situation seems to be under control and soon we will all be able to take a deep breath.

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