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The Jaguars Cannot Agree with Fournette. The Player Wants to Get the Money Back.

The Jaguars
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The Jaguars got rid of Leonard Fournette. Most likely, they thought that his retirement would save some money for the team. However, the player wants to get the money back.

What Is the Subject of the Dispute?

The running back himself does not intend to provide the Jaguars with such an opportunity. Fournette has filed a complaint against Jacksonville and wants to receive $ 4.1 million in base salary. Apparently, the Jaguars did their best to find nuances in the agreement with the player, which helped them painlessly expel the unjustified running back.

Fournette received a suspension for participating in a 2018 fight. That was a game against the Bills. The team believes that such a suspension canceled all commitments dealing with the money under Fournette’s contract. The management argues that the skirmish between the runner and Shaq Lawson turned Fournet’s salary for the 2020 season into the category of non-guaranteed ones.

What Is Next?

Meanwhile, Tampa shocks everyone by signing a one-year contract with the ex-player of the Jaguars Fournette, who wants to get the money back from his previous team.

The Buccaneers drew attention to him on the free-agent market and gave a contract for a year and $ 3.5 million. It is reported that the Jaguars tried to exchange a player to get at least something for him but did it in vain
Fournette should become an unambiguous strengthening of the runner’s position.

The Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians believes that Ronald Jones is still the lead running back, though. “Jones remains in the starting line. Nothing has changed for him. He needs to screw up badly to lose this place. I’m not waiting for something like that to happen,” said Arians.

In his second season with Tampa, Jones rushed 724 yards and scored 6 touchdowns for 4.2 yards per try. He is not widely known as a versatile runner, but still caught 31 passes for 309 yards.

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