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A New Super Team is Being Formed in the NBA.

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Steve Nash became the team’s head coach. One predicted a great coaching career for him even when he used to be a player. However, the 46-year-old Basketball Hall of Famer is going to have a much harder time since a new super team is being formed in the NBA.

New Coach

Nash’s appointment as coach surprised many. In the NBA, insiders are used to spilling the beans in advance. As a rule, they know all the details, decisions, emotions of the parties of the negotiation process. This case turned out to be an exception, though.

Nash will become the 23rd head coach in the history of the Nets franchise. That will be his first experience as a head coach, so it may seem that the legendary point guard is simply being left to his own devices. But not everything is so simple.

First, Nash’s assistant will be the one who managed the team before. Jacques Vaughn will join the new coaching staff and become an assistant coach, and the highest paid in the NBA, by the way.

Second, the NBA knows examples of coaches who, like Nash, came to work from scratch. And they did it. There is a risk, but Steve Kerr is a great example. He came to the Golden State in 2014 without the slightest experience, and two years later received the Coach of the Year Award.

Star Team

Nash is the authority to the club’s two top stars. Both Durant and Irving are very kind to him. This attitude should have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the locker room.

In any case, the Nets will definitely stay at the top of the information field, since they will be the contenders for the championship after the return of the superstar couple Irving-Durant. It looks like a new super team has formed in the NBA.

What is your prediction of Nash as a main coach in the NBA?

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