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The Incredible comeback of the Yankees.

comeback of the Yankees
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Nobody expected the Yankees to show great performance this time, but, surprisingly, they defeated the Mets. The team lost seven of their previous eight games, so such a result was a huge surprise. It was a crazy comeback of the Yankees – that’s what people said. 

Michael King admitted that he was sure they had no chances. Nevertheless, the Yankees made an unbelievable comeback. Aaron Hicks’ performance was brilliant, so it was one of the factors that lead to the win. It was the comeback the team desperately needed.

The game

The game started with Andres Gimenez’s throwing mistake. So, the leadoff runner was put on base. The Yankees took advantage of their opponents’ mistakes. 

Thus, Gimenez’s mistake helped Ford to score. So, both Ford and Wade scored. Aaron Hicks’ game-tying home run helped the team to get an 8-7 win over the Mets. 

According to the win probability data, the Mets had almost one hundred percent winning chances. For the Yankees, it was a kind of miracle to show such brilliant results. 

The Yankees’ history

The Yankees have 55 playoff appearances and 27 world championships in their career. Like every team, they had their ups and downs, but, irrespective of their losses, the Yankees can be called a rather successful team. 

Alex Rodriguez, Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Elston Howard, and some other players are considered to be the most valuable Yankees players of all time. The team has an impressive number of awards.


This comeback was certainly a huge surprise for all their fans. The Yankees seem to be ready to show their strength and skills. 

What do you think, was it a mere coincidence or will they continue to show great results? Let us know in the comments below. 

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