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NFL teams with an impenetrable defense.

NFL teams
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When it comes to football, the defense usually becomes a stumbling block, because it helps to win as much as anything else. O-line can do its job only with a ball in its hands. And it’s only possible with a badass defense passing that very ball to its offensive line.

Baltimore Ravens

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Perhaps no NFL teams have as many phenomenal defensemen as the Ravens do. Two of the Ravens cornerbacks Marcus Peters and Marlon Humphrey both have earned first-team All-Pro honors. If we add to it newly signed CB Jimmy Smith and Earl Smith as the free safety, the perfect defensive backfield is ready.

Matthew Judon is likely to shift the team in the next offseason, but the Ravens still possess high-impact men in their front seven. That includes Calais Campbell as the defensive end and the freshman linebacker Patrick Queen, picked by the Ravens in the first round at No. 28 overall.

San Francisco 49ers

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The Niners make it to the top thanks to Robert Saleh as a masterful motivator and coordinator, and a range of talented players that can perform any moves told by we wish their future head coach. Even with trading DeFrost Buckner, the Niners still have Nick Bosa with 3 sacks in his 3 playoff games, Arik Armstead with 10 sacks last year, and a monster Javon Kinlaw who will ideally replace Buckner as a defensive tackle. Don`t forget one of the best three-down linebackers Fred Warner with matching coverage skills and Jimmie Ward as a free safety.

Los Angeles Chargers

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That is another mix of a prodigy defense coordinator Gus Bradley and a D-line chock full with high-impact defensemen. They start with a strong safety Derwin James who appeared on the scene in 2018 earning All-Pro honors with 98 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 3 picks, and 13 passes defended, but he, unfortunately, suffered from a foot injury in 2019.

Now he’s recovered and together with Casey Howard and Desmond King may out-compete any of the abovementioned backfields. With that coverage group in the back, a newly-picked linebacker Kenneth Murray and a juice-off tandem of Joey Rose and Malvin Ingram, we obtain almost the ideal D-line in NFL for the moment.


Here we’ve seen the teams with the best D-lines in the NFL. As it`s clear that without defense winning can be an impossible mission to accomplish. These teams not only possess one of the best defensemen in the league, but they are quite probable to make it to the top in the next playing season.

Which team’s defense in the NFL do you feel is the most strong?

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What do you think?


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