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Biggest disappointments in European soccer.

Biggest disappointments in European soccer
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Things in soccer don’t always go as anticipated. It’s mainly connected with expectations regarding freshly signed or transferred players. Fans crown them even before young prodigies can even show they are capable of playing efficiently. The biggest disappointments in European soccer below.

Joao Felix

Biggest disappointments in European soccer
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This 20-year old Portuguese was claimed to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo some season ago. A transfer deal cost Atletico Madrid an outstanding 126 m Euro. Did that money pay off? Hell no. Someone might say the reason was a lack of experience, someone might say the reason was an injury. Nevertheless, 6 goals and 1 assist over the last 27 La Liga games doesn’t sound like Felix is a new soccer idol. Of course, he’s got a lot going for him, but reality has already said its piece.

Luka Jovic

Biggest disappointments in European soccer
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A transfer deal of this talented Serbian was more than two times less than the one with Felix. A €60m fee for the player with 27 goals over the previous 48 games as Eintracht Frankfurt forward sounds just perfect for Real Madrid. It might be unfair to judge on the very first season with the team, but Jovic wasn`t even close to his previous results. He only had 2 goals in 17 matches making him one of the least efficient players in the list.

Eden Hazard

Biggest disappointments in European soccer
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He’s probably one of the biggest disappointments in La Liga over the 2019/2020 season. Before the season suspension, Hazard managed to score only 1 goal in 16 matches as a Real Madrid midfielder. Not a very bright 100 m. Euro investment by Real, considering Hazard’s ankle troubles. Those were actually the main reason why the Belgian, being one of the best players in the world, has managed to do nothing except 1 goal and 4 assists in one and a half dozen matches.


It’s an obvious unfortunate trend for Real Madrid to buy promising players who eventually fail to succeed. Anyways, it’s much easier to talk about players than to go on the field in person and try to do your best against professional tough guys in front of thousands of fans. Let’s just hope those disappointments will just be a matter of time, though some of them seem to ruin the players careers for good.

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