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Counter-Strike fans are unhappy due to the new ranking system.

Counter-Strike fans
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Counter-Strike fans are not happy because of the new CSPPA player rankings, but the gamers are applauding these changes.

The reason for such a decision is attention to players’ health, as many professional players have quit their careers because of burnout.

So, it made the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association think about how to change conditions for the better.

Gamers’ health issues are the reason.

CSPPA is now cooperating with several universities, being interested in gamers’ mental health. All the changes are done to make it easier for players to maintain work/life balance, as sometimes it’s too difficult for them to combine those.

Speaking about the new CSPPA World Rankings, it includes both participants and organizers.

The main problem of the old system was that a player had to take part in as many matches as possible to hold a leading position. Understandably, it was super difficult for gamers, causing stress and anxiety.

A new ranking system does not include inflicting a penalty on players for not attending tournaments due to serious reasons, like personal problems, injuries, and so on. The ranking period is extended now to nine months.

So, a single match one missed won’t cause any significant problems for a gamer, as nine-month performance is taken into account.

Pros and cons

The advantages of a new system are numerous, as players won’t have to put their health at risk, which will certainly influence their performance, changing it for the better.

Besides, CSPPA World Rankings will become more transparent because of the new ranking system. Players are happy because of the new system implementation, but fans are not, as people want to see the show. But when it leads to ignoring people’s health, the game is not worth the show.


The new ranking system is certainly a good thing, so due to it, there will be more gamers interested in playing.

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What do you think about the new ranking system?

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