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Apex Legends Autumn Circuit released.

Apex Legends
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Finally, the moment all the battle royal fans have been waiting for. Electronic Arts together with Respawn entertainment have released the Autumn Circuit of the Apex Legends Global Series.

The next chapter

The Summer Circuit Playoffs have already concluded on September 12 and 13. There was a struggle between more than 2000 best Apex Legends (AL) squads from all over the world. The summer championship is being held by Counter Logic Gaming, frontrunners are Complexity Gaming, and Flying Drone is in 3rd place.

Money prize

As for the autumn playoffs, they are taking place in the middle of December. Global Series itself starts on October 3rd. The overall prize pool is equal to $500 grand. This will be distributed between Circuits 1-4 being held in October-November and the playoffs being held on December 19-20.

There are 6 regions overall, the prize pool for each varies from $5K to $10K per 1 Circuit. Apart from money prizes, teams obtain Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) points needed later on for seeding. Playoff champs obtain $45 grand, 2nd place gets $22,500 grand, 3rd and 4th places are getting $19,650 and $15 grand subsequently.


As for the scoring, points are going to be obtained from two sources. The first, the team`s kill count. The second, the overall position of each team on the Match Score after the match winner is determined. The winner gets 12 points + 1 point for each kill, 2nd place gets 9 + kills, 3rd gets 7 + kills, and further in descending order. Each team is a squad consisting of 3 players. The legends are picked randomly from the 14-legends pool. 

Any of you can watch the Circuits and playoffs streamed on Youtube, Twitch, or Mildom. In any case, recorded streams are also going to be recorded and saved on the same social media channels.


It’s pleasant for all of us to see how the e-sports is evolving. After being a top-streamed battle royal, Apex Legends have not only remained to keep in line but also became an outright cybersport with tournaments and thousands of players ready to fight for the championship and the world glory.

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