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Alex Rodriguez Thinks the Sale of the Mets to Steve Cohen Is Unfair.

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The sale of the New York Mets to businessman Steve Cohen is a done deal. Cohen, who was originally the favorite, entered into exclusive talks with Fred and Jeff Wilpons last Friday.  The sources say the parties will agree to hand the franchise into new hands for $ 2.35 billion. Alex Rodriguez, in turn, thinks the sale of the Mets to Steve Cohen is unfair.

Dirty Tricks

According to Rodriguez’s expert opinion, the entire process of collecting financial offers was dishonestly rigged, so that the auction ended in Cohen’s favor. The former baseball player and now a TV analyst claims that Mets banker Steve Greenberg got the information from Rodriguez about how much the group of investors he had assembled intended to offer for the Mets even before the final bidding session, after which Cohen offered more.

Rodriguez believes that all of the proposals from the various contenders were collected and passed on to Cohen. Thus, he thinks the sale of the Mets to Steve Cohen is unfair. Also, other groups of investors did not have a chance to block Cohen’s offer. Rodriguez then allegedly tried to contact the Wilpons, but they never answered his phone call over the past week.

Unreliable Buyer?

Interestingly, the accusations of cheating come from a man who had been doping for 13 years.  By the way, he was punished twice, including a record suspension of 211 games at the time of the 2013 season.

 Furthermore, sources say that the doping past and Alex’s defiance are not the only reasons for rejection. As it became known, Rodriguez decided to consult with professionals before the auction but did not find anyone better for consultations than former GM of Houston Jeff Luhnow, now disqualified for stealing rivals` signals using electronic devices.

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