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Carlos Condit is interested in a rematch against Nick Diaz.

Carlos Condit
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Carlos Condit is going to fight Nick Diaz soon, which has caused lots of interest among his fans. Condit is facing bad times now, so this rematch may help him greatly. Carlos Condit is in the worst stage of his career right now, according to critics. Condit lost the last five fights and is not even included in the main card of the next tournament. There are almost no big names there. 

Condit’s comments

In a recent interview for MMAJunkie, the fighter mentioned that he was eager to have a rematch against Nick Diaz. He wanted to become his first opponent after returning. Nevertheless, it is yet unclear whether Diaz is going to fight. But what about Condit’s thoughts?

“Yes, obviously, it is a very interesting fight, and it is of great interest to me. I know that people are interested to see this fight, and plenty of people are waiting for it. I really want this fight to happen, and I think that Nick wants this fight to happen as well. I don’t know whether it will be his next fight or what strategy he will use, but if everything goes well, this fight will take place. Revenge against Nick Diaz intrigues me and intrigues many fans. This is going to be a really interesting match, there were some disputes between us, so why not? Why not go there and settle the scores?”

We all remember that Carlon Condit and Nick Diaz already fought at the UFC 143 in 2012. That time, Condit managed to win. The decision was unanimous, so he got the temporary welterweight title, which was the greatest achievement in his career. 


Understandably, Condit is looking for a rematch, because for him it may become a chance to redeem himself. So, all we can do is wait and hope this fight will happen, as we don’t know yet whether Nick Diaz will agree to fight. 

What do you think about both fighters? Who is the stronger one? Let us know in the comments below. 

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