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OGA Dota PIT Season 3: Europe overview.

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Not the most significant in terms of the prize pool, yet an event that gathered the most world known teams in one place. It concluded on September 26 for the European region. As for China, we are waiting for the conclusion at the beginning of October.

Born to win

The 3rd season of OGA Dota Pit is full of memorable figures. Here we see Na`Vi – the first International (2011) winners and the finalists of the next two of them (2012-2013). The Ukrainian team was suffering some sort of stagnation during all these years, but defeating Team Nigma and then defeating two-times International (2018-2019) champions OG means they’re about to catch their second wind.

Balance of power changes

As for the International 2017 winners Team Liquid, they`ve lost to Alliance in an upper bracket and then to VP.Prodigy in the lower bracket. Not a lucky tournament for them. The International 2013 winners the Alliance moved a bit further and lost to Team Secret in the upper bracket finals.

As you see, the tournament has indeed gathered the legends of the European Dota 2 stage. We are now moving to the finalists. VirtusPro.Prodigy is a youth set-up of known Russian self-titled team with the bear on their logo. VP.P debuted in April and has already shown impressive results.

Ironically, VP.P lost their first matchup to Team Secret with a score of 2-1 and they lost to TS in the finals with a score of 3-0. Literally, every team we`ve mentioned above was brutally wiped out by “the baby bears” during their campaign through the lower bracket.

Who won? It’s a secret

Team Secret, in turn, is rightfully being named the champ of OGA Dota PIT Season 3. They’ve lost the only single map to VP.P in the quarterfinals. Since then, Secrets` domination in the upper bracket was unstoppable.


The prize pool is equal to $170K. Secrets got $70K, VP.P got $37K, and Alliance with Na`Vi have got $20 and $14 thousand subsequently.


All of the gaming highlights need to be seen rather than explained. Those contain an immortal Ench, lagging Troll, game-changing RPs on the Rosh pit and not only, failed Chronos, and a bunch of other 200 IQ moves that no one can explain.


The tournament with a modest prize pool has given as the stand-offs of the European Dota 2 legends and has inspired a great deal of hope that the Defense of the Ancients 2 is far from its sunset as there remain people that are ready to conduct such clashes as in OGA Dota PIT Season 3.

What are your impressions from OGA Dota PIT?

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